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Shapewear Solutions for the Christmas Party Outfits


Shapewear Solutions for the Christmas Party Outfits

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Have you found the perfect party outfit but think you cannot wear it because your underwear is not up to the job?

It won’t give you the required smooth finish?

You are concerned the look will be ruined with straps showing or a VPL?

Read on as I am about to share with you some of my secret Personal Stylist tips to solve all your concerns …

The party season is upon us and if you read my previous blog, hopefully you have now found the perfect outfit to make you shine like a star. Now, I hear you ask, so Isabel  how do I wear it? What kind of underwear do I need to achieve a smooth silhouette? I don’t want straps showing! I don’t want a VPL!

Well in that case, it is time to refresh your shapewear wardrobe. If you are one of my clients, you would have heard me say time and time again that it is really important to spend as much as you can afford on your underwear and shapewear. This will ensure that no matter what garment you wear, everything you put on top will fit perfectly. Shapewear is a great investment, as you will be able to wear it not just for Christmas, but also for weddings, Ascot and any other parties you may have coming up. One very important tip, is to always wear your true size. If you choose one too small, you will end up with spillage and also you will be putting unnecessary stress on your organs and nerves.

We are really lucky as right now there is a type of shapewear for whatever garment you decide to wear. Celebrities have been using these types of shapewear for many years on the red carpet to help them look fabulous, and now so can we.

If you are wearing a fitted dress or a skirt and top outfit and  need a good all-round piece that smooths tummy and thighs, you can never go wrong with Spanx shorts, which I think are comfortable enough to wear daily. They come in light and firm control and can be found, amongst other shops, at Selfridge’s  and Debenhams. If on the other hand, you are wearing a body-con or very fitted dress and you don’t want any lines between your bra and the shorts, and also would prefer to  wear your own bra, take a look at the slip at It offers firm control and comes in nude and black and at a very good price point. If you would prefer an all in one, Wacoal also makes a sexy shaping dress,  it is gorgeous but you will need to pay a little bit more. Perhaps, you might like to just think of this one in particular as simply joy per wear instead of cost per wear.

This year there are tons of strapless, sheer or see through garments that would be spoiled by a bra strap showing. Fortunately, there are great solutions for all shapes and sizes out there. Check the backless strapless bras at, which are available up to an E cup. You can find them also at Debenhams, where they go up to G cup, and the ones at go up to F cup. Also, Kim Kardashian has just launched her SKIMS body tape. Yes, your heard it, body tape. It comes in three shades, it is 100% cotton, sweat proof and promises to hold for up to twelve hours. There is an online video showing you how to use it.

If you have spotted a great piece of clothing with no sleeves, that is no longer a problem either. M&S offers “Armwear”. It comes in two materials sheer and lace, and both are light control.

I hope I have been able to help you sort out your party outfit with some of my secret Personal Stylist tips for shapewear. If you haven’t chosen an outfit yet, remember to check my website for my  previous blog, as well as the party wear boards I created just for you on my Pinterest.

Please feel free to  forward this blog to your friends, so they can also enjoy looking great in whatever party outfit they choose; and remember, if you have any questions please contact me and I will be more than happy to help you.

Until next time,

Isabel xx

*Please note I am not affiliated in any way to any of the shops mentioned above.