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How to Travel in Style and Comfort


How to Travel in Style and Comfort

how to travel in style and comfort

As promised on my last blog (personal stylist holiday packing tips), this time I would love to share with you my tips on how to travel in Style & Comfort. Yes, you can be stylish and comfortable at the same time!

I would start by saying that the first thing is to, yes you guessed it, plan ahead. Once you have your holiday wardrobe sorted out, it would be a good idea to plan two outfits for travelling out and most importantly back. This way, you can avoid finding yourself with no clean clothes on the return day.

For us mere mortals, there is no need to dress to the nines as if we were about to be greeted at the airport by throngs of paparazzi. Therefore, leave behind the high heels (remember my trip to Boston USA), uncomfortable outfits and big cumbersome accessories. Instead, opt for comfortable clothes, unless you want to suffer the same fate as Lady Gaga when her legs started swelling because she tried to travel in a far too tight outfit.

Thrombosis mid-air, no bueno!


My two greatest tips would be to  wear clothes in which you could live in, should your luggage get lost, and always take  a change of underwear and essentials in your hand luggage. Bear in mind that getting through security could mean being pat-down, so avoid at all costs baggy clothing, and specially skirts or dresses.

During a flight our bodies swell a bit, so clothing and shoes should not be restrictive. Avoiding underwired bras is a good idea, and if you are going to wear jeans choose a pair with a lot of stretch in them. I love my Uniqlo jeans as they have great stretch which makes them perfect for long haul flights. Shoes that are comfortable to walk miles within the terminals are a must, great to go for those that  can be easily removed at security. Slip-ons better than lace ups. Always wear socks, never go bare footed. Compression socks to avoid deep vein thrombosis,  are especially advisable if you are on any type of medication that puts you at risk i.e. HRT.

Also  think of  opting for dark colours that, in the case of a drink spillage, could help disguise it. This year Pantone’s chosen colour is BLUE, which as a colour it will help you feel calm and confident,  so why not go for shades of blue instead of black or grey?

Choosing natural fabrics that will stop you from overheating would be a great option. Ladies going through the menopause, I cannot emphasize this enough, sometimes flights can get really hot and you don’t want to be having one of your personal summers in such an environment while wearing a man-made fabric top.

On the subject of temperature during flights, sometimes it can be cold as well, so take a pashmina made of a breathable  soft fabric with you  in case you need the extra warmth.  I usually also take a cardigan which can also be rolled up and used as a pillow.

Long haul flights provide you with a little blanket, but I do not find these particularly enticing as they are synthetic.

If you have a heavy coat with you, once at the airport pack it in your suit case before you drop it off, that way you don’t have to deal with it in the confined space of the cabin.

If the weather is going to be different at home to your destination, wear layers. Sometimes you cannot avoid extreme changes, and that is fine. I remember a trip to Orlando in January,  it had been snowing in the UK and when we landed I got funny looks because I was wearing a coat, it was 25 degrees there!

My winning “Comfortable & Stylish” combo for men and women:

  1. Cotton top or shirt.
  2. Comfortable trousers with a lot of stretch.
  3. Jacket.
  4. Cardigan.
  5. Pashmina.
  6. Socks.
  7. Booties or smart trainers.


A bag that can hold everything is the best option. I wish I could have the ultimate travel bag of all times, I am sure you have heard the story of the Birkin and how it came to be, but unfortunately, I don’t. Since then every year a new “It” bag comes along usually with a steep price tag attached.

I personally use a backpack, which in the past few years have become the new “It” affordable travel type of bag. It frees up your hands and helps you peruse the duty-free shops in comfort. You can have one with a sleeve on the back, so you can insert it onto your suitcase’s long handle. I use small pouches to find things quickly, instead of throwing it all in together. I have one for essentials, one for medicines, one for the travel documents, and one for cosmetics (the transparent one issued at the airport for liquids).


OK, so technically this is not clothing but, as you know, I am all about well-being, so that is why I think it important to be part of this blog. Have a small tube of your favourite moisturiser in your hand luggage, the air in the cabin can make your skin really dry. A lip balm, and also a tooth brush and paste (in case you don’t get one in the in-flight bag)and wipes.

It is important to remember that odours are intensified at high altitude and with a plain jam-packed with passengers in such a confined space, the recycled air can get a bit stale. I would advise you to not wear perfume. In my recent flight back from a short holiday, a lady in the plain must have sprayed herself top to toe at the duty free with a perfume that obviously to her was gorgeous. I prayed she would not be sitting next to me, it was so overpowering. Remember some people may be allergic to your beautiful scent.

Thank you very much for reading my blog, please feel free to forward it to anyone who you may think could find it helpful.

As usual, please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Until next time,

Isabel xx

Now that you have your travel style under control why not take a look at my essential holiday packing tips if you haven’t already and remember if you need any help on planning or shopping for your holiday wardrobe check out my services page or contact me.

*Please note I am not affiliated in any way to any of the shops mentioned above.