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How to Look Professional on Zoom


How to Look Professional on Zoom

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During the current situation we have all taken our businesses on-line and used Zoom in countless occasions. As usual, we have made our best effort to present ourselves professionally and yet when looking at the screen we were left puzzled and wondering why the image you wanted to achieve was not what was looking back at you? Well, I have a few tips here for you that hopefully are going to help you achieve your desired image.

Patterns, checks, logos and stripes are to be avoided at all costs, they are all distracting and stripes are particularly notorious on screen. The colours you choose can make or break your desired image, it is best to go for those which are highly saturated and aren’t too bright or too muted i.e. emerald green, sapphire blue, and red, not bright red as this may give off a blurry type of halo on camera. Also avoid white, yellow, and oranges. Black can highlight dark circles under your eyes, so unless you know how to apply your make up like a pro, I would suggest avoiding it altogether.

In order to finish your outfit, I would suggest wearing minimalistic jewellery, stay away from anything that reflects light  and definitely avoid bangles that will clink-clonk every time you move, the same goes for earrings, better stick to studs.

I strongly believe that wearing a bit of make-up is essential, unless you have been blessed with a perfect complexion. Keep it simple, apply a good primer, then foundation and some setting powder. Stay away from bright red lipstick or lip gloss, it is much better to opt for a softer hue.

Good lighting is a must. Placing yourself facing a window works best. Natural light helps your skin look radiant and bright. The way my office is set up means that my window is on my right which means that when I’m in Zoom I have the light full on the right side of my face and the left side is left in the dark. In order to counteract this, I put additional lighting on the left side of the room. I have also tried closing the blinds and putting a light behind my laptop and in front of my face, this has worked a treat.

We should also consider the background as its colour will have a direct impact on how the colour you are wearing appears on camera. If you have a white wall behind you colours will appear brighter, and if your wall is dark like mine, some colours will lose some of their intensity. The best thing to do is to wear a colour that will contrast with the background so you stand out.

And this is it from me this time. I do hope you have found this blog helpful. As you know I love receiving your feedback so please do get in touch or drop me an email: [email protected]

If you haven’t already checked out my blog page for style tips and advice you can find a link to it here.

Until next time.

Stay well.

Isabel xx