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7 Tips To Help You Look Fabulous On Your Way To Your Well-being Goal


7 Tips To Help You Look Fabulous On Your Way To Your Well-being Goal

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January, the month in which we all make that very serious list of New Year’s resolutions and promise to ourselves that we will stick to it no matter what. Usually at the top of the list are resolutions to do with improving your health and well-being. This year is no exception and 44% of the UK population have chosen to lose weight. If this is your resolution, I would like to offer you my total support and seven very helpful tips on how to dress as you lose weight.

I understand that you may not want to be buying new clothes every time you go down a few pounds, and yet you need to be able to dress confidently and comfortably. As someone who has walked down this path and succeeded, I find it is very important to make your clothes fit you as you lose weight. It will help you keep motivated, but also once you reach your goal, you will find it easier to think of yourself as the healthier slimmer you that you have become.

Therefore, here are my top seven tips to look stylish on your way to your goal.

Tip number 1: Wear Colour

When we feel that we need to disguise those pesky problem areas, the first colour we gravitate towards is black, I love it! We all know that black makes us feel “slimmer” and it is true, but I would like to encourage you to start wearing colour as soon as you start losing weight. Don’t panic, I am not asking you to go full on head to toe rainbow, but try it as soon as you can, just take baby steps. Start small, a pair of earrings or a scarf would be more than enough. Then add a top or a jacket, and as you get confident go bolder. You will be getting a lot of compliments which will make your confidence skyrocket and support you in your journey! Fantastic!

Tip number 2: Use Belts

Belts are a girl’s best friend and a great asset to any wardrobe. They will help you look slimmer as you lose your weight by making loose tops and dresses fit  better to your new size. As an added bonus, the amazing feeling of going down one more hole as you get closer to your goal, will also support your confidence.

The wider the belt the smaller you will look. Petite ladies please note that it is best not to go too wide or it will swamp you. As a petite myself, I would recommend no to go wider than 5cm in order to keep your proportions balanced.

 Tip number 3: Do It Yourself – Alter your garments

Ah! This is one close to my heart. I am not a professional dressmaker, but I cannot emphasize enough how rewarding it is to be able to do your own alterations. If you get the chance learn, if only,  a few basics. You don’t have to achieve the perfect stitch, you just need to make your clothes fit better.

If this is not your thing, get the alteration done by a professional. It will extend the life of any garment and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Nowadays, there are many dry cleaners that offer an alteration service and there are also lots of shops popping up everywhere.

Tip number 4: Proportion, Proportion, Proportion

This one very much relates to my tip on alterations. As soon as you can, try to stop wearing baggy garments. I know they give you a bit of confidence sometimes, but you need to see how your shape is changing as you go. Hiding under baggy clothes will not help you keep your motivation up or get used to your new wonderful shape. As a general rule, accentuate the smaller part of your body i.e. balance a wide leg trouser with a fitted top. Shapely/ fitted skirts, i.e. pencil skirts, make everyone look sleek. Please note that fitted doesn’t mean tight, you need to be able to move and be comfortable in your clothes. The perfect fit on a pencil skirt should allow you to turn it around your waist 360 degrees with ease.

Tip number 5: Foundation Garments

If you have to make a purchase while you lose weight this is where your money should go. No matter how great or expensive your clothes are, if your foundation garments don’t fit perfectly well, you could even be making yourself look bigger. Ladies I am talking here in particular about your bra. Also, a bad fitting bra can even make you ill.  Get fitted professionally and you will see how much slimmer you look instantly. For those of you with cups D and above, I cannot recommend enough Bravissimo, it is a superb shop!

 Tip number 6: Accessories

Scarves are great! not to mention an easy way to add a splash of colour, as mentioned before. By wearing them causally round your neck and letting the ends lose in front of you, you are creating a vertical line which instantly elongates and slims you down. The same can be said about long necklaces, you can create a line and add colour at the same time.

Handbags should also be in proportion to your size, so make them smaller as you get smaller.

As you slim down you may notice that you are going down a shoe size as well. While you get to goal, you may want to try using inserts or thicker shocks to help you wear them for a while longer. On the subject of shoes, ladies think that if you have calves on the bigger size wearing a thin or a kitten heel will make them look bigger, so instead you may want to opt for a block heel to keep you in proportion.

Tip number 7: Get Your Wardrobe Organised And Have A Clothes Swap Party

Many of my clients hold on to their clothes because they are still in good condition, yet they don’t fit them anymore and are taking valuable space in their wardrobes. January is the perfect time to get your wardrobe organised. Have a good clear out and only leave in it the clothes that fit you and make you feel good. You could of course donate your unwanted clothes to charity, always a great feeling when you give something away for a good cause. On the other hand, if you are on a budget and cannot afford to buy new clothes, I would very much recommend to have a clothes swap party with a few friends. If you would like help with these two ideas you can book a  Wardrobe Assessment and/or a Clothes Swap Party with me. I have a really good offer on right now! It will expire at the end of January so hurry up and don’t miss out!

And this is it for this time. I do hope you have found my tips helpful. Please do not hesitate to  get in touch if you have any questions.

Until next time,

Isabel xx

*Please note I am not affiliated in any way to any of the shops mentioned above.

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