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Isabel del Valle

Personal Stylist Surrey, Sussex, Kent and London

Style Therapy was created to help women and men achieve an image that represents their happy and confident personality.

Personal Stylist

About me

As a personal stylist, it is my passion and mission to help people feel good and confident in themselves at any age, so that they can live in alignment with their true self. I work with my clients to find the style and colours that suit their body shape and personality, while enhancing their best features.

I have always been passionate about style and enjoy sharing my knowledge, while inspiring others through fashion and self-discovery. I show my clients how to identify the clothes and accessories that help them truly reflect the best version of themselves.

I offer a unique combination of fashion knowledge and a holistic approach with a passion for body confidence and well-being.

I take into account each client’s unique circumstances in order to create a tailored experience to match their individual needs and budget.

All done in a confidential, happy and positive friendly manner.

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Let me help you feel more confident

  • Is your wardrobe full of clothes and yet you have nothing to wear because nothing matches?
  • Perhaps you have no idea what your style personality is, or what shape and colours suit you?
  • You just simply find shopping so overwhelming that you end up buying clothes you will never wear?
  • Have you changed shape and the clothes in your wardrobe no longer suit your new image?
  • Perhaps you need support to understand how to show off your best features but at the same time disguising those problem areas?
  • Do you feel that you are not portraying the best version of yourself?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, I can help you, let’s start by taking a tour of my personal style services

My Aim as a Personal Fashion Stylist

Inspire & empower

I work with you to help you unleash your inner confidence.


Start feeling good inside and out, I work with you to create an organised and tidy closet, taking inspiration from Marie Kondo’s philosophy, for a better start to your day.


I take a holistic approach to fashion, that concentrates on making you look and feel great inside and out.

Save you money

I work with you to build the perfect timeless wardrobe that saves you money and makes you feel amazing.

Key Values







what My clients say about my personal styling services

“Isabel helped me greatly with my holiday wardrobe this year.

Her approach was friendly and thoughtful in the way she delivered her ideas – this helped me to understand my style for my holiday look for both casual and more formal options with just a slight change.

My appointment gave me confidence in my choice of clothing and the way I wear it looking in the mirror and seeing the positives of my clothes.

This is my first experience of styling and would not hesitate to use Isabel again.”
Karen G, Surrey

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